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You have indicated that you would like to register for a third CCO course. To do that you should meet the following criteria:
  • • You have already taken a CCO course and received a grade of C (not C-) or higher.
  • • You are not a UNC student in any way except for having taken previous CCO or Self-paced Courses through the Friday Center.
  • • You acknowledge that these CCO courses will require substantial time each week to successfully complete each course. You realize that each course will likely require 6-9 hours of work every week, and you will be able to devote 18-27 hours to these courses each week of the entire semester.
  • • Finally, you realize that these courses will not be dropped automatically if you do not participate or pay the tuition. The only way to drop these courses is to notify the Friday Center in writing. Otherwise you will be responsible for the tuition and will receive a failing grade in each course.

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